Face It: Kiehl’s Ultimate White Surface Brightening Exfoliator, hype or HG?

I first read about the Kiehl’s Ultimate White Surface Brightening Exfoliator a few months back on several other sites. At the time I did not know of Kiehl’s but those rave reviews piqued my interest so I researched further. What I found out made me more confident in my desire to test the product. A big plus point is that Kiehl’s gives free samples any day any time, and to anyone who asks. So I did what anyone in my position would do. I got a sample! That was then. And now is now. But how did it work out for me?

Well let’s just say that I purchased the full-size when I was invited to VonVon‘s Kiehl’s party! What is more, I got it on discount too!
The texture out of the tube is thick and quite coarse without water.

It’s creamy white texture would make even Snow White envious. Honestly, my first time using the product was pretty rough. My fault though as I didn’t add enough water to it.

Although you don’t need that much water to create the lovely, foamy lather, an adequate amount of water is needed to dissolve some of the granules to avoid the exfoliator being too rough and scratchy on the skin. After some of the cream has been dissolved, tiny granules are left and this is what makes this gentle exfoliator a winner in my books!


After gentle scrubbing my face with this in a circular motion, I use the remains on my neck and decolletage. Hey, if it works on the face, it should be fine there too right? Well I am happy with the results. I am quite wary when it comes to facial scrubs due to my sensitive cheeks. But to my amazement, it didn’t cause any redness. In fact, I notice that my cheeks were less red after using this. May it be due to the whitening properties? I don’t really care about that really as I think I am quite fair as I am. My main concern was to get an exfoliator gentle enough for my skin yet gives me my desired results. And I believe I have found the one!

Loves: Gentle on my sensitive cheeks, exfoliates well, you don’t need to use a lot to get results
Gripes: None so far!
My advice would be to use a little and lather it up. If you feel it is too little, then slowly add more. This way you cut down on wastage and can cater it to our own needs.

But do keep in mind that you should always patch test as not every product works the same way for others. This is where the samples come in handy. This product is available at all Kiehl’s outlets. It comes in a 150ml tube for the price of RM 105. So what are you waiting for, get your sample and try it out for yourself!

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review financially or otherwise. Everything mentioned are my own thoughts based on my experience.

Freebies A-Hauling: Freebies & A Vichy Update

I’m off today and so what better way to spend it but by getting freebies. Was happy to get a few of the things I wanted.

Kiehl’s new pore minimizing range is out. Called Rare Earth, it looks to be a keeper for those with oily skin and enlarged pores. Even if you don’t have oily skin overall, it can still be used just for those target spots. I got some samples to try (very happy). The KCRs at 1 Utama were very friendly. Go check it out!

Printed out the Clarins HydraQuench sample voucher from PrettyBeautiful’s site and redeemed the Smoothing Gel from the range (happy again).

I Nuovi freebie redemption is still ongoing, they had all 4 colours when I dropped by! I chose Charcoal just so you know (happy happy). Sweet SA there who speaks only Chinese but understands English. Go get it at around lunchtime for better choices and to avoid the Out Of Stock syndrome. Don’t bother going at night, I tried last week and was turned away.

Vichy at Guardian is on sale! At least the green range is from what I was told. There is also a nice lady giving out Normaderm Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care sachet samples. The product, usually retailing for RM 100 for 50ml is selling for just under RM 88 until the end of the month! What better time to try it out after reading such rave reviews. The rest of the range is also on discount of about 15% if my memory succeeds me.

That is all for now. Will update with pictures once I have them. Have a good hauling week!

By Abby

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