Must Go’s: Kiehl’s Sure Was FUN in the Sun!

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I was absolutely delighted to be chosen to attend the Kiehl’s Fun in the Sun Party, hosted by Kiehl’s and The Butterfly Project that was held at the luscious and evergreen Secret Garden at 1 Utama. So secret is it that the elevator won’t let you get off on that floor until a given time! At the strike of 10am, I was finally “allowed” to go up to the Secret Garden, which if you haven’t guessed already, is on the rooftop.


If you’ve never been up there, you’ve got to make a trip at least once! It’s a slice of nature in a bustling city. And on that bright and sunny Sunday, it was the location of a party hosted by Kiehl’s. And if you’ve ever been to a Kiehl’s party before, you’ll know they do it in style.



Product displays were set up amongst lush surroundings. Taking advantage of the Secret Garden’s unique landscaping.


20140608_101933Look at them go, with all those cameras and smartphones. Firstly we were given a brief and simple introduction of the Ultra Facial Oil-Free Range of products. There were a few stations set up in accordance with the theme of the event so we were left to our own devices and allowed to roam around as and when we liked.

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Then we were set free to take pictures of the products, selfie like crazy, learn more about the products, as well as take in the surroundings, the fresh air, and another great activity where we built terrariums!

20140608_102334 Some of the displays complete with products and product claims, ready for your picture-taking pleasure. Notice the cute little cactus at the corner? Why is it there, I wonder. Is there a secret behind its appearance? Or is it just for decorative purposes?

20140608_102359This was where we could get our skin checked out by the KCRs to see just how oily our skin are. As well as some pretty displays according to the theme of the day.

20140608_102405And….onto the banquet! A lovely little nook surrounded by creeping vines and flowers. A perfect backdrop for photos.

20140608_103640I was so surprised to see those colourful sticks of ice again. The last time I’d seen or had one was when I was in primary school! I can’t believe they still exist! Those are some yummy thirst quenchers right there. It was so nice of Kiehl’s to hunt those down to add to the festivities.


There were some simple yet lovely table displays as well as yummy foods to snack on. I was so thirsty (due to the sunny weather) that I forgot to take a picture of the drinks. They were the same shade of blue as the Kiehl’s range! How cute was that!

20140608_10354120140608_10365620140608_103533 There were mini bowls of creme brulee, mini pizzas, brownies, and toast melts aplenty to satisfy our morning foodie cravings.

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Besides the food, fun activities, and the company, we got the chance to roam around the Secret Garden and take wonderful flowery pictures. Something I LOVE so here’s me bombarding you with some of them. I can’t show you all of them as I’d need a whole post just for it. Maybe next time?

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Here’s me (in the hat) along with Mamasan Butterfly aka the founder of The Butterfly Project, the lovely Tammy and her cute terrarium!

20140608_114940Kiehl’s very sweetly arranged a little extra activity for us that day. We got to make our very own cactus terrarium! Why you ask? Because the Ultra Facial Oil-Free Range features a cactus plant as one of its main ingredients! Genius! As everyone knows, cactuses have the ability to store water even in the driest of conditions. What is our skin compared to a desert If it can retain liquids and help a cactus survive, just think what this Range can do for our skin! Anyway, there were quite a few cute little cactuses for us to choose from but this little guy caught my eye as it reminded me of a cabbage patch. Just don’t ask me why I was thinking of cabbages that day, even I don’t know.

20140703_233302On to the Ultra Facial Oil-Free Range! The reason for the great event! I’ve road-tested it and so far so good! This will be more like mini reviews as I’m the type of person who prefers reviewing products individually.

Step 1: Cleansing Time with the Ultra Facial Oil-Free Cleanser

20140703_233508As with all Kiehl’s cleansers, they are quite economical in the sense that you don’t require a whole bunch of it to cleanse your face. Just a little over a pea-sized amount is perfect as this baby lathers quite a bit. But I am very happy to report that this worked on my very dry cheecks even though this range is meant for Normal to Oily Skin Types. There was no tightness at all, which I was pleasantly surprised to discover, as I’ve had that issue with other Kiehl’s cleansers previously. This one passes with flying colours for me! And, it’s pretty scentless, or at least was close to it as I did not detect a scent from it.

Step 2: It’s Toning Time with the Ultra Facial Oil-Free Toner

20140703_233416Now this one has a scent for sure. It smelled a little fermented shall I say? Almost like an alcoholic fermentation of sorts. Once I checked the back of the bottle, it was confirmed. It contains a Fermented Extract! Also, the liquid comes out yellowish brown. I was hoping for a blue shade like the drinks but alas, it was not meant to be, but is fine since it’s nothing major. As for the result, skin doesn’t pull at all. YAY! It actually made my cheecks feel a like toing-toing if you know what I mean. Once dried, skin is left feeling really oil-free, unlike some toners that dry sticky on the skin! Not a chance with this catch right here.

Step 3: Get Your Cream-On with the Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream

20140703_233440Moisturizing has always been my favourite step. It’s what locks in the moisture and hydrates the skin so this product is very important to me with my Sahara-like cheeks especially. The Gel Cream smells like a lighter version of the Toner but not as lingering in its scent. This ne goes on very refreshingly due to a bit of Menthol in the product so skin feels slightly cool to the touch. It too is really proving to be Oil-Free as it dries matte, and just like that you have a great makeup base as it is! Definitely non-greasy as the product claims to be so kudos to that. But I’ll have to see which Ultra Facial Moisturizer I like best when I test this against my favourite Ultra Facial Cream! Only time will tell. But this is definitely recommended for hot-weather due to its non-greasiness, matteness, and cooling sensation.

Get the Cleanser at RM85 for a 150ml tube, the Toner at RM 85 for the 200ml bottle and last but not least, the Gel Cream at RM100 for the 50ml jar. The Ultra Facial Oil-Free range is now available at all Kiehl’s outlets. Do drop in and say hello and don’t forget to get a mini skin consultation and some samples to boot! You won’t be disappointed!

For more details on these products and this event, hop on over to these pages.

Disclosure: I received these products as part of the goodie bag and for review purposes but was not compensated financially for it. Everything mentioned are my own thoughts based on my experience.

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