Must Go’s: Dance Into The Magical World Of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake

Something that most of the people who have met me would never be able to guess is that I used to take ballet classes when I was a little girl in hopes of one day becoming a graceful ballerina. And if you see me now, you’d think the same thing, as I am so NOT slim like a ballerina should be (since your toes need to carry your full weight!). I sadly gave up ballet quite fast as I wasn’t very good at it, but yet, my longing to watch ballet performances has never changed. Just watching movies like Center Stage and Black Swan made me want to regain my ballet feet, but alas, my dedication and diet preferences (I love food too much. Shh…) makes this quite an impossible feat!

And so, when I first caught wind that Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake is drifting to our shores, my heart soared with anticipation and an even deeper longing! I once watched a snippet of it during my ballet days and with this being a full-length performance, it is sure to be enchanting! And guess what! It’s going to be held at the Genting International Showroom at Resorts World Genting! Cool temperatures + ballet = Heaven on Earth!

I also grew up watching Disney’s The Swan Princess and remember it fondly. How wonderful would it be to finally see the true story unfolding before my eyes, just the way Tchaikovsky meant it to be seen.


In 1875, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky composed Swan Lake, a masterpiece that would be synonymous with his name alongside The Nutcracker. Featuring some of the most beloved pieces in the classical canon, Swan Lake is a spellbinding riveting tale of love, magic and tragedy, chronicling the tale of how Prince Siegfried fell in love with the beautiful Odette while he was hunting by a lake during his birthday. Unfortunately, Odette’s curse by the evil sorcerer Van Rothbart stand in the way of their growing love. 1877, the first Swan Lake ballet premiered at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow and it has continued to win the hearts of its audience all over the world for over two centuries. The secret to Swan Lake’s popularity is not just in Tchaikovsky’s genius—it is also attributed to the beauty of ballet as an art form to effectively bring the compelling story of Odette and Prince Siegfried to life.

For the first time ever in Malaysia for their Asia Premiere, a professional full-UK ballet cast is bringing Tchaikovsky’s iconic and mesmerizing Swan Lake to glorious life in a full-length performance at the Genting International Showroom at Resorts World Genting. With six spectacular shows set to be staged from Aug 24th to 26th, and from Aug 31st to Sept 2nd , be ready to marvel at the graceful moves and pirouettes executed by the masterful dancers from Ballet West UK, as led by soloists Jonathan Barton, Natasha Wilson and Uyu Hiromoto together with ballerinas from the UK and all over Europe.

A pioneer in the world of dance, Ballet West UK has been responsible for building numerous success stories in the ballet world for over 28 years! They have a track record of sold out performances in more than 40 cities in UK, Europe and China, including Swan Lake in Scotland, Romeo & Juliet in China, and The Nutcracker in China.

Get ready to be swept along in the Swan Lake adventure in a 150 minute show (including intermission) that will leave you agape at the beauty and grace of ballet accompanied by beloved pieces of musical work. Go on and grab those tickets for this can’t-be-missed show!


Ticketing Info

24th – 26th August 2018 & 31st August – 2nd September 2018
8pm at the Genting International Showroom, Resorts World Genting

Tickets Available Here


And for those who love ballet like I do, another must attend event is an exclusive Ballet West International Masterclass, conducted by Fenton—a versatile dancer from many disciplines that range from contemporary, ballet and jazz. Fenton, together with ballet mistress & professor of applied gymnastics for ballet, Sonia Fajardo will be at hand to tutor aspiring ballerinas longing to turn this art into a lifelong vocation—with helpful tips and showcase to improve your work. Priced at RM585 per masterclass, the masterclasses are available on the 22nd of August, 23rd of August, 24th of August, and 30th of August at the Arena of Stars, Genting.

About Ballet West International Touring Company & The Dance Company

Ballet West is a professional touring company with an outstanding reputation ballet university and with an extensive audience based and extremely high reputation for delivering quality production. The Dance Company and Ballet West International Touring Company is a celebration of outstanding dance talents globally; a start to an exciting and sustainable future for synergising dance into the commercial world


Floating Your Way Soon. Are YOU Ready to be Mesmerised by Swan Lake? 

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