How Websites Can Be View Online ?


How Websites Can Be Viewed Online? Web Hosting & Domain Name Explained

To those who are new in the online world, this article may benefit you and hopefully will give you a good understanding on how exactly you are able to view all the websites you have been viewing online.

All the websites you view today be it,, and even this very page you are viewing now under does not exist automatically. These names (,, are known as domain names. These domain names are then hosted on servers so that you and I can finally view it online.

Website, Web Hosting and Domain Name are three DIFFERENT things.

Website is just pages of contents that you have written or built. Without Web Hosting and Domain Name, people will not be able to locate (find) your website.

So, in layman’s term web hosting is your house where you can store all your furniture, clothes, toys, kitchen utensils (your website content or pages) and in order that people are able to find your house (your website), you need to have an address ( which is your domain name ).

In a nutshell, web hosting refers to “storage space for your website” while domain name refers to “address” that people will need to look for in order to find your website.

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