Foodie Hunt: Ikea Deals!

Ikea Malaysia is having it’s Ikea Sale until the 20th of this month. Not only are the furniture and home accessories on sale, so are some of the yummy food!

There is the chicken chop that is only RM 9.90 at the moment. Sounds like a great deal! I haven’t had it yet though, but I want to!

And then there are the famous hot dogs which make a good meal whether for lunch, teatime, or dinner. They are having a promo for 3 hot dogs at just RM 5!! I had 3 hot dogs for dinner last week! Am sure going again before the promo ends which is also until the 20th.

And Tuesday is Swedish Meatball day! 10 lovely meatballs for RM 8!!

I say, go on a Tuesday with the family and get these 3 great deals all at the same time!! And they have free refills too. SCORE!!

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