Foodie Hunt: Birthday FREEBIES! And Cupcake Chic Cupcakes!

My birthday was in January and I had the opportunity to get some foodie freebies on my special day with my Worthy Book coupons!

Amongst them, I got a FREE cupcake of my choice from Cupcake Chic at The Curve! I do like a good cupcake once in awhile. Who doesn’t right? It’s a mini cake so you don’t feel so guilty eating it.

 But the good part is that even if it’s not your birthday, Worthy Book has a Buy 1, Free 1 coupon for cupcakes or macarons! So if you don’t want others to feel left out on your lucky day, use both coupons and get 3 yummy cupcakes for the price of 1! What a steal.

Anyway, we didn’t want 3 cupcakes as we’d already planned a heavy dinner so we settled for 2. Here are my birthday cupcakes! Aren’t they pretty?

There were lots of other things I could have redeemed. Like FREE sushi! Have you ever heard of that!? And FREE ice cream and loads more. But the thing was, those outlets were pretty far away from my planned birthday dinner so I didn’t get to use them. Sob.

Anyway, I am thankful for my Worthy Book coupons which has allowed me a wonderful cupcake on my birthday as well as many more yummy treats at other restaurants! Like Carl’s Jr! Yum yum….

The great thing about Worthy Book is that they allow you to view all the coupons in the book from their website before buying so you’ll know whether the coupons suit you. And you get lots of cool coupons for just RM 29.90. Check out their social media outlets for more updates too as they often have giveaways.

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