Face It: Skin Savers with Always 21, GlamGlow, Hydraluron, and Nature Republic

The weather in countries that experience winter can be very harsh to say the least. We even get pretty extreme temperatures and high humidity in tropical countries. Hydration is such an important thing, both for our bodies and our skin. As our skin is the largest organ of our bodies, it is adamant that we take care of it. And how better than with some super duper moisturising products!


First up is the Always 21 Aloe Vera Moisturise Soothing Mist. At 100ml, it’s not only handbag-handy, it’s also travel-friendly! I keep mine in the office as it can get pretty dry sitting under the air-cond for 9 hours a day. you’d think being outside in the hot hot sun was bad, but it’s not great to be exposed to dry uncirculated air for too long as well. That’s where a spray mist comes in. This product has a very light, lovely scent, is not sticky or oily at all, and softens skin with the help of aloe vera. It’s said to contain 95% of the good stuff, which is always a plus point. And as it’s made in Korea, and we all know that Koreans have great skin, we can now have a little of that too, with this soothing mist!




The GlamGlow Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment Masque is one of the products I’ve been practically dying to try out! Not only is this brand loved by celebrities worldwide, it’s been recommended by almost everyone! That must count for something. This blue GlamGlow focuses on hydration, which goes perfectly with the theme of this post. Even before I opened the safety seal on this baby, I smelt the distinct scent of…coconut! A very coconut-y, santan-y scent at that. Colour-wise, I was surprised to see it resembled the colour of smooth peanut butter, complete with teensy tiny black flecks of something I can’t pick out. Anyway, there are several ways of utilising this product. One: to wash it off after application (I try waiting a good 20 minutes as i don’t want to waste this good stuff). Two: to towel off gently. Or Three: to use it as a leave-on mask when flying! That would make it worth every cent! Due to my sensitive skin, i experienced some tingling using this. However, it was not unpleasant and did not cause any redness or allergies after I washed it off. Am loving this one so far and can’t wait to try the other offerings from this brand!



The Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask was something I was looking forward to trying. As I have mostly dry facial skin, I am in desperate need of a moisture boost. This mask made my skin plumper and soft to the touch. There wasn’t a sticky feeling you sometimes get with masks and doesn’t have a scent to it as well. Good for those who have skin sensitivity towards fragrances and harsh chemicals.





The Nature Republic Snail Solution Hydrogel Mask Sheet is the most unique mask I’ve ever encountered. It comes in two separate parts (do be careful when taking it out of the packet) and the mask sheets are covered by a thin yet sturdy piece of plastic. Call me a mask noob if you want but nope, never seen this before. The top part of the mask was a little small for me, probably due to my giant forehead. Other than that, a pretty perfect fit. You’ll be glad to know it isn’t slimy like its namesake. it is however moisturising! A good little treat at the end of a long week. Keep it chilled, it’ll make you feel invigorated.


Product Info:

Always 21 Aloe Vera Moisturise Soothing Mist (100g) – RM39 at Always 21 outlets

GlamGlow ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment Masque (50g jar) – RM240 at Sephora outlets

Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask (20ml) – RM10 at muse by Watsons outlets

Nature Republic Snail Solution Hydrogel Mask Sheet (20g) –  RM14.60 at Nature Republic outlets & websites


LOADS of thanks to Always 21, GlamGlow, Indeed Labs, and Nature Republic for sponsoring these wonderful new products (to me) for the Beauty Box.
Disclosure: This product was part of the Beauty Box I received for attending The Butterfly Christmas Party. I was not compensated financially or otherwise. Everything mentioned are my own thoughts based on my experience.

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  1. miki
    January 31, 2015 at 8:00 pm (9 years ago)

    i do need to hydrate my skin more so thank you for letting me know about those

  2. Nikki
    February 28, 2015 at 4:25 pm (9 years ago)

    Hi miki,

    Yeah there are some really great ones here. Thanks for dropping by!


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